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You want to do what’s best for your organization; so do we. Red Kite is for those companies who want to do things differently or to make things better. If your organization is experiencing low morale, ineffective managers, problem employees, workplace drama, a disjointed corporate culture, or employment law claims, call us. We are here to help protect and grow what you have worked hard to build. Every day is a great day to fly at Red Kite. Come Soar With Us!


  1. Legal Advice & Defense for Employers
  2. Executive Coaching & Consultation for Leaders
  3. Workplace Investigations
  4. Prevention & Compliance Training
  5. Professional Presentations
  6. Strategic Workshops & Seminars
  7. Leadership Retreats
  8. Group Facilitations
  9. Cohesive Team Development
  10. Team Communication Assessments


  1. Leadership Retreats & Events
  2. Industry and Association Keynotes
  3. Conference Breakout Sessions
  4. Strategic Workshops
  5. Seminars & Webinars
  6. Onsite Escape Room in a Box for Teams
  7. Group Facilitations & Training
  8. Mastermind Programs
  9. Cohesive Team Development
  10. Team Building

What They Say

Our Advantages

Expect Great Things

We expect great things from our clients

Your organization and Red Kite have a lot in common. The pursuit of greatness lies at the heart of everything you do and everything we do. Like you, we believe in exceeding expectations and making a difference in the lives of others. We also understand that you may not have all the answers, tools or resources you need to achieve the results you want. Red Kite is that special something that has been missing in your quest for success!
We do more than just hope for success, we expect it, and we wouldn’t set an expectation of you to be great if we weren’t confident in our ability to provide you with a range of services designed to help your organization achieve its potential. You can see our belief in you in our enthusiasm, support and positive approach to organizational development and workforce management. Your success is our success. Let us inspire and empower your organization to be great!

Play Well

We play well with others

If you agree that business does not have to be boring or soul-crushing, Red Kite is for you! Our positive energy and passion for the work we do is contagious and allows us to connect with people and businesses. We smile and laugh a lot and encourage others to do the same. We are engaging, approachable, strong, confident, and ready to tackle your toughest challenges.
We use interactive training techniques, war stories and humor in our dynamic presentations and workshops to engage and educate audiences. We inspire HR professionals and leadership at all levels to embrace a more positive and optimistic approach to management while we provide them with the information, tools and resources necessary to play well with their respective teams. A more enjoyable, productive and rewarding workplace means more profits for you, and we are committed to helping your organization succeed. Call today, and let’s get started!

We see the forest and the trees

Red Kite thinks things through, and we help organizations do the same! Whether your organization needs big picture long-term strategies or narrow short-term solutions, Red Kite offers the holistic vision you need to make informed decisions. We defend your organization if you are sued, and we develop prevention-focused strategies to reduce your risk of future claims. We resolve difficult situations, and we help restore overall balance to your organization.
By combining legal advice with principles of employee engagement, performance management and organizational development, we can provide a more comprehensive, cohesive and cost-effective response that better resolves your immediate situation and considers your organization’s long-term best interests. Let’s work together to protect and grow what you worked hard to build!

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