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We teach Leadership Kite Fliers how to Fly using one-on-one consultations, interactive on-site training programs, and dynamic management-focused workshops. By making complicated legal topics and HR-related principles understandable and relatable to real-work situations, we provide managers and HR professionals at all levels with the tools necessary to develop their own capabilities and that of their staff. Isn’t it time you and your organization LEARN TO FLY? Contact us today to get started!
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Putting Your Genius to Work

What if team members naturally worked more effectively, efficiently, and cohesively in collaboration with others AND left work feeling more fulfilled at the end of the day? And what if team members appreciated and supported each others’ approach to work, rather than judged it or blamed it? And dare we even hope to realign roles, responsibilities, and work initiatives in a way that leverages our team strengths and mitigates weaknesses? The Six Types of Working Genius will transform those dreams and “what ifs” into reality immediately, effectively, and while enhancing the depth of contribution and effort each team member offers. Let’s put your Genius and that of your team to Work! Call today!

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

If you were a superhero, what kind of superhero powers would you have and why? You don’t need a mask or a cape to have honor or to earn respect. Each of us has untapped courage and potential, if only we could give that potential a voice and a mission! If you were a superhero, what would you do differently in your personal and professional life? And do you know how to overcome your personal kryptonite? Swoop in and join us for this fun and empowering program as we explore powerful tips and strategies for unleashing your inner superhero to achieve more personal and professional growth and success. All Superheroes welcome!

Are You Talking to Me?

Personality conflicts hamper communication and can lead to hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and perceptions of unfair treatment. To motivate your team and maximize results, it is critical that you communicate in a way that shows you value, appreciate and respect people. Are you communicating your well-intentioned message in a way that is meaningful to your listeners? This engaging and interactive program is for anyone who would like to improve their communication skills and strengthen their workplace relationships. If your success depends on your ability to communicate and work well together, this program is for you! Let’s Talk!

Stop Harassing Me!

Be kind, be respectful and play nice with others. More than just playground rules from our parents, these social value propositions should be the hallmark of every workplace. Social division, religious beliefs, political ideologies, misinformation, and overall bad behavior continue to create unnecessary barriers to our commitment to EEO principles of equality, inclusion, and tolerance. Using gamification and a highly interactive group exercise, this informative program uses dynamic scenarios, humor, and war stories to explore where to draw the line between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in a respectful workplace. Let’s Play!

Business Recession
Unlock the Secrets of Silent Defectors

Do you have silent defectors – employees who mentally quit but physically take up space? You may be losing revenue due to employee turnover, workplace dysfunction, poor management skills, and employee-related claims. Imagine the revenue your company could generate with a highly productive workforce! Now is the time to take a hard look at what your company is doing to protect its bottom line from the inside. Suitable for employees at all levels, this dynamic program explores the principles of employee engagement, the hidden reasons behind employee turnover, low morale and decreased production, and effective retention strategies.

Rise Together with the Five Cohesive Behaviors of a Team

Cohesive, high-functioning teams make better decisions by tapping into the skills, talents, and opinions of others. They avoid wasting time on destructive conflict and the exhausting hamster wheel of revisiting issues without buy-in. Cohesive teams set aside personal interests to hold each other accountable for achieving collective results, and the organization thrives because of it. Above all, cohesive teams trust each other. Can your team say the same? Join us for this captivating program as we explore the Five Cohesive Behaviors of a Team and how it can elevate your team’s results. Let's Rise Together!

2-day Leadership Accelerator for New Leaders

Were you given a leader title without any formal leader training? Has the thought, “what the hell do I do now?” crossed your mind recently (or often)? If your job is too important to wing it or to just hope for the best, this class is for you! In this incredible 2-day one-stop learning experience, we explore leadership challenges, employment law basics, coaching, documentation, and much more. Join me and discover effective prevention-oriented leadership strategies that will help you minimize legal risk for your organization while simultaneously increasing your team’s productivity, quality, and employee engagement. Win-Win!